Manage your field staff and operations, efficiently and more easily with SPS

Services Planning System (SPS)

Services Planning System maximizes your time and energy, cutting your cost and boosting profit. Workforce operations details can vacuum up your time and focus, decreasing the time you can spend on high priorities. Applied Decisions Technology saw this happen so often that it created a complete workforce operations planning and management solution called Services Planning System, or SPS.

By Facilitating the strategic movement of field resources, Services Planning System provides

  • Reduced operational cost

  • Increased productivity of field staff and management

  • Greater customer satisfaction due to increased responsiveness of field staff

  • Improved real-time visibility

  • Location-wise business analytics and better control

Some of the main features are:

  • Geography based services demand planning

  • Increased productivity of field staff and management

  • Empowered scheduling with detailed work-rules for fields personnel

  • Capacity Planning

  • Task order management

  • Ability to bid out work-orders

  • Managing part-time and contract employees

  • Detailed work-order and personnel location and routing and tracking

  • Customer alerting and job completion verifications