The S.M.A.R.T.S approach to manufacturing and operations planning:
Making smarter decisions = greater profit

Our goal is to help you make smart decisions to maximize profit and efficiency, using our SMARTS Manufacturing and Operations Planning philosophy.

LAMPS (Logistics and Manufacturing Systems) is founded and maintained on a protocol that reflects S.M.A.R.T.S. – Standardized, Monitored, Adaptive, Repeatable, Transferable, and Safe. Our SMARTS protocol is based on the growing field of smart manufacturing.

Smart manufacturing is the practice of incorporating advanced information and manufacturing technologies to improve efficiency and profitability to build safety and flexibility into processes that address a dynamic global market.

SMARTS protocol enables companies to respond quickly to demand changes without incurring high costs and without damaging the earth’s ecosystem with attention to workplace safety

Connected Processes

  • Operations Planning Modules
  • Manufacturing Planning Modules

Monitored Systems

  • GPS, RFID, NFC etc. based Monitoring and Analytics

Adaptive Engines

  • Time-Series Based Predictive Analytics
  • Pattern Based Learning

Data Driven Decision Making

  • Mathematical and Statistical Techniques Based Decision Support


With LAMPS, standardize definitions and measurement metrics across the enterprise.


Use data acquisition and alerting capabilities to monitor processes, assets and people throughout the supply-chain.


The analytics embedded in LAMPS and it’s what-ifs capabilities help forecast and predict the outcomes. This allows the responses to be proactive.


LAMPS help creates sustainable and systematic processes that are repeatable across the enterprise.


As the organizations and businesses evolve, LAMPS configurability allows it be easily transferable from team to another and from one location to another.


The tracking, monitoring and alerting capabilities ensures enhanced safety and responsiveness across the enterprise.

Applied Decision Technologies, Inc. (ADecTec) provides process improvement-focused business intelligence analytics and enterprise-wide operations planning solutions. Our customized software products and business-consulting services improve customer profitability. Our software solutions utilize mathematical optimization techniques and allow users to optimize and re-optimize their plans to achieve continuous improvements.

Our solutions are designed from a user’s perspective to increase ease-of-use. We are well known for our customer support and technology transfer. Our solutions are compatible with most existing technologies. We eliminate the “black-box.”

Our solutions are affordable and our pricing is flexible to accommodate the customer’s situation. Our in-house research and development team make us flexible and responsive to changing customer needs.

Our technology solves real business problems for major industries. Keeping revenue up and costs down- we understand that that is a big promise. It is backed by real customer successes.

Learn more about ADecTec solutions to discover how you can achieve similar results.

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