Management consulting that helps you move from Ideas to Implementation

Find hidden opportunities for greater profit and efficiency
We help you reduce costs, streamline operations, and improve the bottom line
Are you finding that?
  • Your operational costs are increasing more than what you expected?

  • Your inventories are increasing but customer service metrics remain the same?

  • Your shipping costs are going up?

  • Your raw material usage and costs are going up?

It may the time to do a health check-up of your operations!

Ultimate success in process improvement requires a big-picture perspective. One that few manufacturing, and distribution leaders have the time or the team to create and implement. A successful process improvement plan relies on key input from those leaders, but one that requires many skills and a group of dedicated professionals to design and enact.

In our approach to process improvement, ADecTec’s team of experts works hand-in-hand with key client staff to formulate and execute a plan that is comprehensive and achieves the client’s goals. Our expertise at process improvement and our staff of experienced consultants enables clients to achieve their goals without hiring additional employees or pulling key personnel from already-essential positions.

Our engagement model guides us as we enter each consultation.

Applied Decision Technologies has been providing business consulting services operational effectiveness for more than a decade in the areas of manufacturing, supply-chain, and transportation.