ADecTec provides a sophisticated suite of logistics, operations, and planning services designed specifically for the distribution and manufacturing industries

    Logistics and Manufacturing Planning Platform

Plan and execute enterprise manufacturing and logistics operations with LAMPS

When you're looking for an enterprise operations planning system that includes demand forecasting all the way to shipment management, and strategic planning to tactical tracking and visibility of operations, including shop-floor data acquisition, consider LAMPS for the most complete, cost-effective solution.

Our Logistics and Manufacturing System (LAMPS) gives you access and control in a modular, web-based system. Enjoy complete access from anywhere, in your choice of languages, with multiple users and from multiple locations.

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    Services Planning Platform

Make your service personnel more efficient with less downtime

Planning to make full use of your service personnel has often seemed like an inexact science. With the broad scope of Services Planning System’s capabilities, you can achieve greater uptime and increased customer satisfaction, leading to greater output and raising your profit margins. You can plan and execute field service operations like installation, repairs and responses to requests for service with more accurate projections and better utilization of human resources across the board.

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    Transportation Planning Platform

Optimize Revenues and Minimize Empty Miles with ROADS

Designed to assist Brokers, Shippers and Carriers, our transportation management solution – ROADS (Route Optimization and Planning System) helps you optimize revenues for your brokered loads, provides all required functionalities from order management, driver management, and dispatch through Proof of Delivery. Consider ROADS for complete truckload operations management solution.

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    Safety and Security Management

Stay secure and safe at and away from your workplace

Safety and security is always the first priority. With our solutions ensure your workforce remain safe and secure while at the workplace or away. Our response based tracking and incident management solutions keeps safety at your fingertips.

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