Route Optimization And Dispatch System (ROADS)
The ROADS solution provides state-of-art enabling technologies to manage trucking operations and optimize routings

Route Optimization and Dispatch System is designed to manage trucking operation such as long-haul and shuttle trucking, pick-up and deliveries, and driver schedule and dispatch management.

Freight management industry is rapidly evolving with new business models due to growth in technology, communication, and IOT systems. This has created new paradigms to improve tracking, managing operations, and interactions among freight management companies and customers. The new paradigms though on one hand have increased productivity, have also created new competitive landscape for service providers, and sometimes unintended consequences for the shippers.

The main features are –


  • Ability to manage asset owned operations and brokering

  • Ability to broker tour-based bidding than leg-based bids

  • Manage dispatch on multi-leg continuous moves

  • Complete pick-up real time shipment tracking till delivery

  • Enhanced information system integration for load tendering and shipment monitoring

  • Real-time Advanced Shipment Information, Bill of Lading, Proof of Delivery – with signature, shipment code, pictures and videos.

  • On-line Invoicing and Claims

  • On-line visibility of order status, invoices and tracking history

  • Advanced Analytics

  • Optimized bid pricing for bid package

  • Optimized bid pricing for brokered loads

  • Evaluate bids on multi-leg tours

  • To evaluate costs and accessorial expenses

  • Freight network optimization

  • Inventory optimization

  • Improving shipping efficiencies

  • Synchronized planning to improve run-and-ship and minimize handling

  • Design “optimized” routing strategies to minimize freight and logistics costs


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