If you talk with our founder, Dr. Ram Pandit, you’ll quickly hear his passion: providing companies with greater profitability while delivering outstanding customer experience. After working in corporate America for years, as both a process improvement professional and a university professor, he decided to further apply his expertise by founding Applied Decision Technologies (ADecTec) in Atlanta, Georgia.

From our beginning in 2007, ADecTec’s goal has been clear: to help companies grow revenue and profits by meeting customer demand at the lowest possible cost. This focus on excellence, process optimization, cost consciousness, and outstanding customer service has become the mission of everyone at ADecTec.

The optimization and planning solutions that ADecTec has developed are the culmination of years spent working in the manufacturing and supply-chain industries, where we observed common processes and their pitfalls.

Today, the fruits of our experience and study can be found in large manufacturing operations that utilize ADecTec’s planning and optimization solutions to minimize their overuse of expensive materials, optimize production, and maintain quality standards at the lowest possible cost. All of these benefits were achieved without investing in costly new equipment or replacing existing technologies.

Because our technology solves real business problems for major industries, ADecTec was chosen to be a participating company in the prestigious Advanced Technology Development Center, one of the most widely respected business accelerators in North America.

We are happy to share with you some of the success stories that we have achieved in cooperation with our customers. We’re always ready to discuss how ADecTec can help you. Give us a call at (phone number) or send us an email (link) or drop us a note here (link to Contact Us page) – we love challenges, and even more, we love to help our customers solve their biggest problems.

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