Waste Paper Procurement: Improving Procurement Process with Analytics

Recycled fibers – waste paper – form a significant raw material for the manufacturing of pulp and paper products. The growing demand has put tremendous pressure on the supply of waste paper and has consequently increased the cost of procurement.

Working with pulp and paper manufacturers, we have found that analytics have been helpful in improving the procurement process and reducing the overall cost. In this webinar, we discuss the current processes in use for the procurement of waste paper and the factors that affect it. In addition, we present selected analytics and solutions created by ADecTec that have been used to improve the procurement process.

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Increase Sales and Profits with Optimized Business Intelligence

As businesses mature in our “always on” digital era, they are faced with new challenges to satisfy their customers while also increasing profits. The traditional ways of doing business are no longer enough.

Businesses need greater insight into their customers’ needs and capabilities, and the adroitness to respond proactively. This requires businesses to create knowledge from the existing processes and technologies to better address their markets. Furthermore, business must develop a unified strategy with respect to people, process, and technology to address these new challenges.

This webinar discusses how the correct use of business intelligence analytics can enable a company to understand and generate business specific intelligence to improve interaction with customers, bridging the knowledge gap from customer inquiry to shop floor. It further discusses the changes businesses must make to expand their markets, retain customers, increase cost efficiencies, and in turn, increase sales and profits.