Solutions for Transportation

Planning and real-time execution

Our transportation practice offers proven expertise in designing and implementing optimization-based transportation planning and real-time execution systems. Most of our engagements have been in technology development, addressing the needs of airlines, trucking carriers, and large shippers. For one large LTL carrier, we designed and implemented a dispatch optimization system to plan the number of drivers and their routes for every shift. The system also addressed the issues of balancing empty trailers, minimizing deadheads, and customizing drive management to meet union regulations. The solution reduced the deadheads by approximately 10%.

For an international multi-modal transportation carrier, we designed a cost-forecasting system that used activity-based costing to calculate operations costs on a daily basis. This had a significant impact on the cash-flow of the provider.

High volume shipper

By integrating with your existing ERP, manufacturing-execution, and other data intelligence systems, the ADecTec suite can take data you already have to plan production and logistics for multiple locations -- over a year in advance:

For a large consumer goods shipper using a dedicated driver pool, we designed a driver routing and load assignment system. This system was used in two ways. First, as a planning tool to determine profitable route patterns, and second, as an execution system to manage driver routes and load assignments. The solution improved the efficiency of the planning department by threefold. Further savings were achieved by utilizing dedicated drivers on the costly segments while bidding out the cheaper segments to other carriers. The total savings were about $8 million.

Air-cargo carrier

For a worldwide air cargo carrier, we designed and implemented an aircraft and truck scheduling system to determine routings and aircraft assignments. The system was used for operations planning and recovery functions. The solution improved the load factor by 7%.

Passenger airlines

For passenger airlines, we designed crew scheduling, crew recovery, crew pay and fleet assignment models to serve as management tools.

ADecTec has proven its effectiveness with multiple transportation enterprises. To learn more about how we can provide solutions for your situation, contact us.