Manage your field staff, operations, and transportation quickly and more easily with SPS

Services Planning System maximizes your time and energy, cutting your cost and boosting profit

Services Planning System

Workforce operations details can vacuum up your time and focus, decreasing the time you can spend on high priorities. Applied Decisions Technology saw this happen so often that it created a complete workforce operations planning and management solution called Services Planning System, or SPS.

By facilitating the strategic movement of field resources, Services Planning System provides

  • Reduced operational cost

  • Increased productivity of field staff and management

  • Greater customer satisfaction due to increased responsiveness of field staff

  • Improved real-time visibility

  • Location-wise business analytics and better control

At the request of our customers, ADecTec has recently expanded SPS to include a dedicated version for Transportation Management, enabling the smart management of trucking operations as well as drivers. Combining partial loads, monitoring stats like miles driven and fuel costs, and checking in for delivery receipts become easier with SPS.

SPS incorporates the best features and functionality of both a web application and a mobile app for greatest flexibility and effectiveness. As with all Applied Decisions Technology products, SPS features a high degree of control, enabling automation functions or overriding them with manual intervention. Additions and changes are simple, from adding or scheduling resources or adding customers, to auto or manual route building. Overview capabilities give you a wide perspective on your operations. The SPS mobile app gives helpful visibility of tasks and gives the field staff the ability to view tasks and order details and respond in real time. It even alerts customers to the arrival time of the service representative through a customer portal, email, and text message (SMS).