Business Process Operations
Our operational support team members are experienced in supporting and planning a number of business processes, such as
  • Inventory alignment

  • Order management

  • Shipment management

  • Contract maintenance

  • invoice reconciliation

  • customer service analysis

  • forecasting and forecast adjustments

  • dispatch management

  • customer service anlysis

We have supported manufacturing, distribution, medical and financial companies with such operations.
American Disability Act (ADA) Section 508 Compliance Service

Confidential, Secure, Affordable

We offer services to make your customer facing documents and applications “accessible” to comply with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 and as required by American Disability Act (ADA) Section 508.

In particular, following services are offered –

Document remediation to make them accessible

If you have documents that are available to your customers, these documents needs to be “accessible” to be readable by screen readers as per the ADA section 508 requirements. Our expert staff stands ready to remediate your documents to meet accessibility requirements.

PDF document optimization

If you are publishing large PDF documents, these documents may have several issues. For example, blank pages, faded text, tilted pages etc. Our document optimization service shall clean up these documents, straighten out and enhance the viewability of the pages, and reduce the overall size of the document for easy downloads.

Website modifications for accessibility

If your website and other portals are customer facing, these portals need to be accessible to all customers per ADA 508 guidelines. Let us modify your portals to make them accessible.

Business application modifications for accessibility

Your internal applications need to be equally accessible by all your employees. We can help make these applications “accessible”. These may be large transactional or home-grown systems, we can help with modifications so that all your employees have equal access.